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About the #LabelloSmileChallenge

Labello is on a mission to spread SMILES to those who need them most, and you're invited to join the movement!  Introducing the NEW Limited Edition pack from Labello. It's a fabulous double pack, with the words ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Smile’ on the two sticks – one for you and one for you to share and make someone SMILE!

What makes this NEW Limited Edition pack even more special, is the fact that for every pack sold, Labello will donate R2 to the Smile Foundation.

Labello is committed to making beautiful, smiling moments possible, and this is the motivation behind our decision to show our support for the Smile Foundation. This incredible non-profit organisation specialises in corrective facial surgery for children.

We want to use this initiative to raise as much funding as possible, so we invite you to join us in the #LabelloSmileChallenge. For every unique upload of your smile moment on Facebook or Instagram, Labello will donate an extra R1 to the Smile Foundation.

So... join us by caring for your beautiful SMILE, and giving a child their own beautiful SMILE in return!


About The Smile Foundation

A smile is a facial expression that can do and say so much... it can be an expression of joy, an acknowledgement of a shared happy moment, and it has the power to brighten someone's day in an instant. For some children however, smiling isn't possible due to complications such as cleft lip and palate, burns, and Moebius syndrome (facial paralysis). For both parent and child, these conditions present numerous challenges, and that's where the Smile Foundation steps in. 

The Smile Foundation offers corrective surgery to children with the aim to restore their smiles. 

To learn more about the Smile Foundation, visit their website by clicking here.


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