As we deliver products for nothing less than your best lip care, be sure that safety on all levels looms large. Close to 2,000 scientific studies per year and more than 1,000 experts working in research and development alone should give you and your lips a sense of security.

We know that our well-proven quality lip balm need the safest high-class raw materials and ingredients to guarantee happy and soft lips. That’s why we pick and choose our suppliers carefully. We select and monitor them thoroughly to ensure that they meet and keep our uncompromising standards in terms of constant high quality, purity, security of supply, working conditions, and environmental protection. But we do not rest there: Partnering with our suppliers, we are committed to continually optimizing our formulas and sustainable packaging using the latest findings and technical improvements.


For us, safe products for your soft lips start with safe raw materials. That’s why we thoroughly vet every supplier and only accept materials from vendors that meet our quality and safety standards.

The ingredients we receive must be assessed by safety experts and meet the requirements for safe use in lip care products, which are stricter than for face and body skin care products.

Actually, most of them even have to fulfill food and pharmacy standards. Safety experts assess each formula considering possible interactions between raw materials in formulas and ensure the compatibility of it with your skin.

For the best product safety our working instructions and production areas of course comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Furthermore, we use proven raw and eco-friendly packaging materials, which are in alliance with specifications, and inspect finished products against specifications. We also trace batches of all raw and sustainable packaging materials and all finished goods.


We involve you as our consumer from the very beginning: we observe, interview, and empathize to deeply understand your needs, lip care routines, wishes, concerns, and desires for soft lips. That way we define your core needs and start to generate ideas as to how to improve future products. We discuss these ideas with you – our consumers – again and use your feedback to fine-tune the product ideas. Afterwards, we develop prototypes and test them with consumers to deeply understand what you like about the product and how to make it even better. We test these optimized prototypes again until the quality is as desired. After all, we also test the final product comprehensively to ensure dermatological safety, efficacy, and, last but not least, consumer acceptance.

And our work isn’t done when you finally find our lip balm in your local store. In addition to searching for new information, we listen to your feedback – whether it’s via customer service or a on social media – and make updates when necessary so that every product we make is effective and satisfying relating to smooth lips. Our lip care products often have a life cycle of several years depending on individual consumer profiles. So long-term consumer data helps us to ensure the best quality and inspires us to develop new products for your beautiful soft lips.


In the EU, animal testing has been completely banned for cosmetic products since 2004, and for all the ingredients of these products since 2013. Labello, of course, is in compliance with these legal requirements.It is our stated goal to even advance research to the point when animal testing can be completely abandoned worldwide. Consequently, at Labello, we do not conduct any animal testing for our ingredients and products, and do not have any animal testing done on our behalf.