Lip Balm for a Natural smile


All of our natural, naturally derived and organic ingredients – like castor oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax – play a key role in making natural original lip balm products that keep your lips healthy and beautiful. We always search for the best and most sustainable solutions possible. Some of them might seem a bit surprising to you because sometimes man-made ingredients are even better than all natural ones. Of course, now you want to know what touches your lips when using our natural lip balm. So here we go!


Most of the ingredients we use for our lip balm are natural or naturally derived, which means further processed. To be precise, for our Labello Original product over 96% of the ingredients are of natural origin, such as castor oil, avocado oil, and beeswax.

Since also you will care about natural skin care and our environment, this percentage distribution turns out just good for everyone, as all these ingredients are renewable. On top of this, most of the raw materials we use for our naturally derived lip balm are abundant and renewable, like natural origin hydrogenated rapeseed oil and sunflower wax, or the organic jojoba oil sourced from fields that bloom every year.


As over 96% of the ingredients in our famous Labello Original lip balm product are of natural origin you now may ask two questions: What does that really mean and why don’t you use 100%? Good ones! And we can answer them easily:

Since there is no regulatory definition of “natural”, we follow the only independent international standard for naturals in cosmetics – the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). According to ISO/DIS 16128, “natural origin” refers to ingredients that are more than 50% from natural sources, such as plants or minerals. That definition results in the 96% mentioned.

Now to the reasons as to why we have the other 4% in our lip balm products that are not naturally derived: Safety and the best performance are the specific benefits relevant for playing an important role in our products. And sometimes for skin care products, synthetic ingredients work even better than natural ones. Like BHT, which is one of the best antioxidant to protect the products from external influences, SPF and UV filters providing the most effective UV protection for the lip skin, or additional aroma offering you a multisensory experience of our lip balm products. And that little something that is hard to spell but is actually as important named Ethylhexyl Stearate, which is a lipoid substance, improves the melting effect on the lips for better and smoother gliding.


All of our products consist out of different ingredient compositions. Get to know all about our ingredients in our lip balms with naturally derived ingredients and learn what they are, how they work and why we use them in our products.


The nourishing avocado oil has a high vitamin E content, which sustainably maintains the smoothness of the lip skin. The creamy, rich consistency provides intense protection by covering the skin like a protective coat, leaving it smooth and velvety soft.


Jojoba oil is a liquid wax whose nourishing properties do all honor to its golden color. It provides long-lasting care and effectively protects lips from drying out. Jojoba oil is easily digestible and helps the sensitive lip skin in healing processes.


The rich shea butter is extracted from the pips of the shea tree. It is used for moisturizing skin and lips and protects them from harmful environmental influences. This care all-rounder is very rich in vitamins and nutrients and ensures the wonderfully smooth consistency of lip balms.

Still curious? Then get to know all about our ingredients in our lip balm with naturally derived ingredients and learn what they are, how they work, and why we use them in our products.