What would we be without the world we live in? Of course, we care about climate change. Care about our environment. Believe in renewable resources and the necessity to protect nature and the future of our planet.

Consequently, we take responsibility for our actions. All our activities ensure we increase sustainability – not only when it comes to sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and recycling. We keep evolving our production methods and packaging to save energy, raw materials, and emissions. And we make sure that everyone involved in creating our lip care products is treated as you and we want to be treated: with respect and care.


Creating the safest, most effective, and, at the same time, most sustainable lip care is our mission. And we invite you to join us on this journey.Manufacturing our products by natural origin, we strive to use renewable, natural, naturally derived and organic resources for our formulas – ingredients from sources that grow back or are self-regenerating. We keep an open mind to find the most sustainable solution, which also may include using a synthetic ingredient instead of using natural renewable resources. And we work with suppliers who feel the same responsibility towards our planet as we do – and have the certificates to prove it.


When it comes to packaging, we apply a clear and non-negotiable principle. We avoid, reduce, reuse, and recycle everything we can. With respect to the planetary boundaries, we’ve set ourselves ambitious; long-term goals, which have a significant impact on emissions reduction:
Packaging based on renewable resources can play a key role in sustainable packaging in the future. At the same time, the sourcing of the material can lead to deforestation and climate change as well as social issues. Therefore, we pledge to source 100% FSC-certified or recycled paper-based material by 2020.In order to contribute to a circular economy, we rethink packaging design. For us considering its end-of-life treatment, including available local infrastructures and potential regional differences, is mandatory. Therefore, we pledge to make 100% of our packaging recyclable by 2025.Plastic is a lightweight material with a low footprint in production and good barrier properties. At the same time, we are approaching limits in terms of plastic waste that is not recycled and enters the environment. Therefore, we strive to find sustainable solutions for our plastic packaging, in accordance with and beyond, the European guidelines and pledge to use 25% recycled content in our plastic packaging in Europe by 2025.And packaging is just one aspect of living our principles. Support us in that aspect and be part of it by checking out our “how to recycle information” for our lip products.

We also take responsibility for a sustainable production and distribution. Alongside production we change cleaning methods to reduce energy consumption, we change lighting to LEDs, we permanently train our staff in dealing with energy and material loss, and we regularly check to avoid leakage in compressed air systems. Within our distribution process, we reduce transport and handling efforts overall. And we will never stop exhausting all possibilities. For you, nature – and our future.